Friday, July 15, 2011


        It's Friday afternoon here at the brewery and as I promised myself, I am taking up some blogging and tweeting now that our new website is up and running. Here's to biting off more than I can chew.       Today has been a "distribution" day. Zach, our MA rep has been selling lots of beer and one of his distributors placed an unexpected order earlier this week. The good news is that they wanted more beer. The bad news is that some of it didn't exist yet and some of it wasn't in our building. For the beer that didn't exist yet, I spent this morning creating it. I boxed up a little over 1000 cans and our brewers, Shane and Reva, helped me with a few hundred more. I needed their help because step 2 involved driving over to West Greenwich RI to grab 48 cases of beer from out RI wholesaler. After a couple hours I was back at the brewery with a truck from MA waiting for me and their beer. After a some lifting, pallet jacking, and sweating, a truckload of bottles, cans, and kegs was on its way to MA and I was back to the rest of my day. Not exactly what most people think about when contemplating the day to day activties of the owner of a brewery, but certainly a reality for many of us small guys.
      Of note today was the results of a couple test beers we're making here. Cyclone Quinn has been our most successful cyclone series beer yet, so we are working feverishly to nail down the details to the next one. I got to try two beers made wih Rye after I got out of the warehouse and both were so good it is hard to pick a winner. I'm sure it will come to me after a few more samples. Now back to the grindstone for me. Looking forward to sharing some brewery thoughts with all of you. - Brent