Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beer and Food. What's Not to Love?

Here at Newport Storm, we love partnering with local establishments to bring social events to the public and showcase what our company is all about. Another great opportunity has risen in the 2013 Winterfest beer dinner held tonight at The Brick Alley Pub, one of the many famed Thames Street establishments, where a variety of our beers will be paired with a specially crafted menu. In honor of this event, I thought I would give a few tips and tricks on how to pair your favorite brew with the dinner specials at your weekly hangout or with what’s cooking in your own kitchen. First off, let’s see what's brewing for tonight’s event.
                Three courses will be featured with our very own Newport Storm Rhode Island Blueberry, India Point Ale, and Cyclone Vlad Russian Imperial Stout, finished with some Hot Buttered Thomas Tew rum and a desert. Everything from a Wheatberry salad washed down with our fruity version of Kolsch ale, to brie and chutney sliders alongside an India Point, to coffee crusted pork tenderloin with all the trimmings and a Vlad will be placed in between your fork and knife. Even chocolate covered bacon (yes, I said bacon) will be served. Each menu item has been expertly crafted to pair perfectly with each chosen brew.
                Now I'm sure you’re wondering how to become your own personal guru on beer and food pairings. It’s all about synergy, and best matching beer flavors to food flavors is the way to go. Although, if you’re a bit spontaneous, you can always try best to contrast flavors and see what whacky combinations arise. Craft beers like stout and porters have richer notes from the malt and go well with chocolate desserts or even your summer barbeque. Spicy and exotic foods are best paired with beers with a kick, such as a hoppy Pale Ale (like our very own India Point Ale for instance!). Beers higher in yeast such as Hefeweizens go great with a lighter fare such as chicken, salads, or seafood. We know you like to get carried away on your own excursions of trying daring new brews and all of your childhood dreams of becoming a mad scientist can come true by creating endless combinations, but keeping it simple and listening to your taste buds is really all it takes to become the culinary expert of food and libations you’ve always dreamed of (and one your friends are jealous of, too!)

Cheers from the Intern,

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