Friday, June 7, 2013

First Newport Storm, check!

There are a few things I have always liked about coming home to Aquidneck Island from the busy city of Philadelphia where I go to school. First, relaxing and spending the day in the sun with high school friends, and second, everything about Newport from the restaurants to just walking around and people watching.
However, when I got home for the summer this year something was very different. Nothing about the place or the people had changed, but there was something exciting about to happen to me. I was days away from turning 21. With all my preconceived notions about what it would be like to reach this monumental age, I was sure that everything I liked about being home on the island was about to get even more fun.
There I was sitting at the bar of O’Brian’s with my oldest friend on the Sunday night of my 21st birthday, ready to order my first drink. Knowing I was a few days away from starting my summer internship with Newport Storm I figured there was only one thing I could order at that very moment. A draft of Newport Storm Amber Ale. The most Newport-y of drinks in one of the most Newport-y of bars. Just like that I was hooked and Newport Storm had their newest customer and most excited new intern.
With a few days perspective and my internship kicked off I couldn’t be happier about how my summer, my 21st birthday, and my internship all began at the same time at such a notable Newport location, in such a memorable way.
Cheers to being 21+ in Newport,

Alisa, intern